The Corpus of Regional African American Language (CORAAL) is the first public corpus of AAL data. CORAAL features recorded speech from regional varieties of AAL and includes the audio recordings along with time-aligned orthographic transcription from over 220 sociolinguistic interviews from speakers born between 1888 and 2005.

CORAAL is comprised of a series of individual components which provide samples from different communities and different times. Details about CORAAL Components can be found here. In addition to the official components of CORAAL, ORAAL also features a related set of publicly available materials, CORAAL Supplements, which provide recordings or selections from larger datasets important to the field of sociolinguistics.

See Kendall & Farrington's chapter, Managing Sociolinguistic Data with the Corpus of Regional African American Language, in The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management, for a discussion about CORAAL's creation and organization.

Download CORAAL (v. 2023.06) here: 

Access CORAAL online: CORAAL Explorer website.

Access CORAAL Component information: CORAAL Components.

Access CORAAL Supplements: CORAAL Supplements.

CORAAL MFA Phone-Level Aligned TextGrids are also available: CORAAL: MFA-Aligned.

Access the CORAAL User Guide for full information about CORAAL.

CORAAL is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (4.0) International license ( It is available for free and is downloadable from the above link.

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As with the ORAAL project, CORAAL was developed with support from the National Science Foundation (Grant No. BCS-1358724), and the University of Oregon.

How to cite CORAAL

Kendall, Tyler and Charlie Farrington. 2023. The Corpus of Regional African American Language. Version 2023.06. Eugene, OR: The Online Resources for African American Language Project. [].

See the CORAAL User Guide for information about citing CORAAL’s individual components.

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