CORAAL Supplements

CORAAL Supplements highlight newly available recordings and selections from larger datasets important to the field of sociolinguistics prepared and curated by the CORAAL team.

Each supplement includes a page that provides context for the study, and detailed information about the speakers and recordings.

For other data resources, please visit ORAAL Resources External Data Sources. This list brings together contextualized links to other data readily available from other resources, such as oral histories and other digitized datasets.

CORAAL:DCB Stella Passage (Washington DC 2016)

The CORAAL:DCB Stella Passage recordings were made as part of the CORAAL:DCB Component interviews by Minnie Quartey. Participants were asked to read the Please Call Stella reading passage, from the Speech Accent Archive, at the end of interviews. This supplement consists of 45 speakers from CORAAL:DCB and includes orthographic transcripts, phone-level alignments and vowel exacted data.

Available now! For more information about the recordings and downloads, please visit CORAAL:DCB Stella Passage (Washington DC 2016).

Seattle 1972 (Elaine Tarone Recordings)

This collection consists of several recordings from Dr. Elaine Tarone's (1972) dissertation fieldwork, where she recorded groups of white and Black speakers from Seattle to investigate intonation patterns. These recordings were digitized by members of the Linguistics Lab at NC State University in 2017.

Tarone, Elaine. 1972. Aspects of intonation in vernacular White and Black English speech. Ph.D. dissertation. University of Washington. <>

Tarone, Elaine. 1973. Aspects of intonation in Black English. American Speech 48.1/2: 29-36. <>

Available now! For more information about the recordings and downloads, please visit Seattle 1972 (Elaine Tarone Recordings).

Washington DC 1966 (Bengt Loman Recordings)

The first CORAAL Supplement includes data from Bengt Loman's important study of prosody and intonation, Conversations in a Negro American Dialect (1967). The sample of recordings, which were made available by Loman at the release of his edited volume by the Center for Applied Linguistics, includes 11 samples totaling approximately 23.5 minutes. The digitized tape comes from the Walt Wolfram Papers (1971-1998) at North Carolina State University and is available exclusively here!

Loman, Bengt. 1967a. Conversations in a Negro American Dialect. Washington, D.C.: Center for Applied Linguistics. <>

Loman, Bengt. 1967b. Intonation patterns in a Negro American dialect: A preliminary report. Washington, D.C.: Center for Applied Linguistics. Unpublished manuscript.

Available now! For more information about the recording subset and downloads, please visit Washington DC 1966 (Bengt Loman Tapes)!

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